Hello! Welcome to my PowerShell scripting blog.

This is a place for me to write about various PowerShell related things, from useful scripts to random tips and tricks and relevant news.

Mike Polselli

Recent Posts

  • Create pretty reports
    In this small post I’ll quickly show you how to take almost any output from PowerShell and turn it into a presentable report and send it as an email. The below code takes advantage of PSCustomObjects and the ability to
  • Add Shared Mailbox Permissions
    In this post we’ll look at a tool I put together to quickly and easily add/update permissions for shared mailboxes while also informing the user, and updating your ticketing system. This tool leverages the Register-ArgumentCompleter cmdlet in a couple of
  • Get Office 365 Licenses
    Here’s a quick function I put together that prints out a clean looking table of licensing details from Office 365. In order to use this you will need to replace ‘TenantName’ with the name of your Office 365 tenant name.
  • Module Builder
    This module is used to build, update and publish modules. I have switched my workflow for making modules a few times now, from creating a module from the ground up to having a script put the scaffolding together for the
  • Using Dynamic Parameters
    Adding dynamic parameters to your function, module, script etc. can greatly increase its usability and user experience. What is a dynamic paramter? It’s as the name suggests, it is a parameter that is dynamic, not static. Dynamic parameters also support