Hello! Welcome to my PowerShell scripting blog.

This is a place for me to write about various PowerShell related things, from useful scripts to random tips and tricks and relevant news.

Mike Polselli

Recent Posts

  • Add Shared Mailbox Permissions
    In this post we’ll look at a tool I put together to quickly and easily add/update permissions for shared mailboxes while also informing the user, and updating your ticketing system. This tool leverages the Register-ArgumentCompleter cmdlet in a couple of
  • Get Office 365 Licenses
    Here’s a quick function I put together that prints out a clean looking table of licensing details from Office 365. In order to use this you will need to replace ‘TenantName’ with the name of your Office 365 tenant name.
  • Module Builder
    This module is used to build, update and publish modules. I have switched my workflow for making modules a few times now, from creating a module from the ground up to having a script put the scaffolding together for the
  • Using Dynamic Parameters
    Adding dynamic parameters to your function, module, script etc. can greatly increase its usability and user experience. What is a dynamic paramter? It’s as the name suggests, it is a parameter that is dynamic, not static. Dynamic parameters also support
  • Customizing your PowerShell Prompt
    In this post we’ll briefly cover the customization of your PowerShell prompt. Customizing your PowerShell prompt is important for multiple reasons. One of them being the ability to make your shell yours, whether that’s with different colors, or adding a