Who are you?

I am a young(ish) Systems Administrator going on Systems Engineer that is still trying to figure things out. I live in the Madison, Wisconsin area, am originally from the Ontario, Canada area. I enjoy most things IT related, video games, music, and spending time with my wife and dog.

What is this blog about?

The purpose of this blog is still being determined but for now it serves as a platform for me to write about PowerShell related topics, share my scripts and attempt to give advice on things.

Why PowerShell?

I found PowerShell years ago at my first job and barely tinkered with it, it wasn’t until a couple of years later that I came to realize its potential and it has helped make my previous and current jobs so much easier. Now multiple years later I have had another realization that there still appears to be a portion of the industry that doesn’t know what PowerShell is or only knows of it, I am hoping to help with that in what ways I can.